Top 5 Hunting Crossbow Reviews and Guide


When you are on the hunt for a perfect crossbow, you want the best bang for your buck so to speak. Something that is within your budgetary grasp but that is also reliable, sturdy, accurate and powerful. The majority of states only allow large game to be hunted with crossbows, so you need something capable of meeting up with that challenge. We have examined some of the most popular brands available to you on Amazon in varying pricing categories to bring you some helpful summaries of customer reviews.

Crossbow Hunting Tips

Let’s examine some helpful tips that will aid you in becoming the best crossbow hunter you can be;

  1. Hunting Crossbow ReviewsCocking Device: More often than not, crossbow hunters use a cocking device. It is a challenge to pull back 150 plus pounds of draw weight. Cocking devices make this easier. This device is also beneficial for increasing and maintaining accuracy by ensuring that the string returns to exactly the same position each and every time.
  2. String Protection: It is important to check your string often for wear and dirt. It is suggested that your rail should be lubricated every 20 shots in order to prolong string life. Make sure you are not over-lubricating the rail because it will end up shortening its life.
  3. String and Cable Replacement: These pieces will eventually require replacing. Crossbows need to have these parts replaced more than a compound bow. The frequency will obviously depend on how often you use your crossbow. Every other year is about right for recommended replacements or every four years if it is only used on occasion.
  4. Checking Regulations: Make sure that you are up to date on your area’s laws relating to the use of a crossbow. These regulations are changed often and you do not want to be doing anything unlawful.
  5. Shooting Platform: Just like shooting with a gun, you require stability for your crossbow. If you are able to rest it on some form of stable platform, you will improve your accuracy.
  6. Optics: Ensure that you are using the proper sighting system for your bow. There are many options out there.
  7. Practice, Practice, Practice: This is true whether you are bow hunting with a compoundor crossbow or whether you are using a gun. Never put your weapon down on the off season. The more you practice, the better you will be. Take this opportunity to extend the life of your hunting season. When big-game is done, try using your crossbow to hunt game birds or pests.

Barnett Crossbows

Barnett is a renowned archery company known for its innovations in design and reliability. Their crossbows are specifically designed with hunters in mind and Barnett has sold over one million. The company was established over 50 years ago. They pride themselves on quality products and customer service. We have covered three of their available packages in varying price categories;

1. Jackal Crossbow Package

The Jackal Crossbow Package is holding strong with a solid 4.2 star rating on Amazon. The package comes with a quick-detach quiver, bolts and a red dot sight. It has a 150lbs draw weight on its synthetic string and cable system. Whether customers were new to crossbow hunting or seasoned professionals, they are very pleased with this package. It is incredibly accurate but customers do recommend purchasing a roller cocker to assist in drawing the 150 lbs draw weight.

2. Recruit Crossbow Package

The Recruit Crossbow Package has earned a 4.4 star review on Amazon. This unit is best used for smaller frame hunters like women and younger users. The butt stock is adjustable and although the unit is designed for a more petite user, it is fully capable of taking down all game. Customers were very happy with the level of customer service they received whenever they encountered an issue with the unit. They are happy with the balance, lightweight, length and 130lbs draw weight.

3. Penetrator Crossbow Package

This Penetrator Package is the most expensive option we have reviewed here for Barnett Crossbows. The package is averaging 4.3 stars on Amazon. Happy hunting customers are boasting about the quality, durability and reliability of this unit. They have tackled large game every hunting season with quick, clean and ethical kills.

4. PSE Fang 350 Crossbow

This gem has fantastic reviews overall with many people saying it’s one of their all time favorite hunting crossbows. The unit has an anti-dry fire trigger and a removable scope. It is a lightweight and versatile tool with a draw weight of 155 pounds. Customers are thrilled with the cost and value ratio, claiming that it is by far the best deal around. It is incredibly accurate, hitting bullseyes in clusters of 4 to 5 arrows. Many hunters are pleased with the clean and ethical kills they have made on deer and other large game animals.

5. SA Sports Fever Crossbow Package

This crossbow package is for the more budget minded users. It’s maintaining a wonderful 4+ star review rating on Amazon which is fantastic. The crossbow has a powerful 175lbs draw weight making it a ready-to-hunt unit for large game. Customers were happy with the quality of the package additions like the scope and sling. Some customers warn that it can be discouraging to assemble the crossbow at first but that practice makes this quite a bit easier.

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